Our Philosophy

We believe in the Social Constructivist view that children learn by doing and through relationships with other children and adults.

We believe in the integration of learning and play.

We believe that the environment is the “third teacher.”

We believe that children learn through a variety of different modalities—Howard Gardner’s “multiple intelligences”—and represent their knowledge through many different “languages”, such as drawings, sculpture, writing, painting, construction, drama, and music.

We believe that the teacher’s main roles are those of listener, observer, researcher, and guide.  We believe that teachers must be committed to reflection about their own teaching and learning.

We believe that team teaching is a cornerstone of quality early childhood education.

We believe that children who play and work with the same teachers and classmates for multiple years take their learnings to greater heights and depths.

We believe that a strong family and school partnership is essential for children’s optimal growth and development.

We believe that diversity among people leads to richness of experience, and that people from different cultures and backgrounds should be treated equally and fairly.

We believe that school should be a place where everyone—children and adults alike—feels welcomed, safe and nurtured.

We believe that nutrition matters.

We believe that children are at their best with a well-balanced diet. We strive to design a snack menu which encourages healthy, varied and (sometimes) adventurous choices.